My First Post by countryhousereader

This is the first post by me – countryhousereader! Phew, it’s also my first blog, so it’ll be a bit creaky to start with. My hope is to express my knowledge of country houses gained through research, or just mooching about them when I get the chance.

This blog is intended to complement the existing country house websites and blogs which have detailed specific houses, their owners and architects. I do not wish to tread on any toes with more of the same; others are doing a grand job when it comes to establishing comprehensive histories of the country house on the internet. Instead, my intention is to deliver some of the themes associated with the country house in England (and Britain) as well as abroad. Amongst other things, this will include book and article reviews both past and present, and the occasional snippet of information from the houses themselves.

Hope you enjoy!


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3 responses to “My First Post by countryhousereader

  1. Dear countryhousereader, many thanks for such a readable Blog. I am particularly interested in your article about the inventory of Harewood House and wondered if you came across anything relating to the design of the Yellow Drawing Room and why Chippendale used silver gilding instead of gold gilding as in the rest of the rooms. Any light on the subject would help my research. Regards Jack Metcalfe – Marqueteur

    • Hi Jack, I haven’t got the inventory to hand at the moment, but I will find it this week and check what it lists for that room. I do have a couple of books on Harewood and they might say something extra. Hopefully I can provide you with another lead! Your research sounds exciting, are you publishing it?

      • I am writing a book on Chippendale’s marquetry techniques, having spent the past 20 years teaching, talking and writing about him. I believe the yellow drawing room may have been a tribute to the Lunar Society which was formed in 1775, the same year the yellow drawing room was furnished by Chippendale. Edwin Lascelles was involved (as an MP) with the Lunar Society through Matthew Boulton and James Watt’s steam engine at the time. Anything you can dig up would be a bonus to me. Even if what you read does not make sense, please let me see it, if that’s allowed. My wordpress site ‘Marquetry matters’ gives my background. Would be nice to know your name?

        Regards Jack

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